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Bowling Alley

Extra Info

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Guide Rails

If you're interested in purchasing guide rails, please contact Rozella Campbell at the phone number or email address below.  Please have the following information ready in advance:

  1. The number of rail(s) needed.

  2. Who will receive the rail(s)? (name, address, phone number.)

Rozella will provide you with an invoice with the total costs including shipping.

If your league is interested in proc​eeding with the purchase, ​Send a check or money order (sorry, ABBA does not accept credit cards at this time) payable to:


2829Tall Oaks Ct.

Apt. #11

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Upon receipt of the money, the rail manager will be contacted

to ship the rail(s).  Turnover time is approximately 7 days. Prices

of rails are subject to change.  Currently, they

are $280 for a 12 ft. rail with 3 ft. extension.

Contact Rozella Campbell at:

Rail 1.jpg
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