2020 ABBA National Tournament

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IMPORTANT: Tournament Update

Hello Officers, Committee Chairs/members, League Secretaries and Life Members

We the executive Board of ABBA, after a teleconference, Sat. March 14 and 23 made the decision to cancel the May Convention in Cincinnati/Ky.  This was due to the many restrictions placed on our states from our National and individual state governments. 

We have spoken with the Hotel, vendors, D.J, bowling alley and transportation.  Everyone was very understanding of our decision. We have a signed cancellation of the contract. The hotel informed us they would notify and cancel all reservations. Any deposits 

would be refund to the charge cards. If this has not occurred, please contact the Secretary Treasurer @248-4102411 or

rozellacampell2826@gmail.com.. Raffle tickets can still be purchase from Janice Erkilla, simply contact Janice requesting the number needed and send her a check.  Drawing will take place Sunday May 24, 2020. (Janice Erkilla - 5253 42nd Ave. S. - Minneapolis, MN 55417 - 612-722-3041/rerkilla@com                                         

Information regarding raffles will be given in the Blind Bowler. 

Those who may question the authority of the Executive Board to make these decisions, please refer to: Policy Statement E-2 Executive Board.

We will end the year as usual with all required forms sent in before the deadline.

Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation. 

The ABBA Executive Board: President, Joyce Spencer Mintz, 1st Vice, Fred Nickl, 2nd Vice Tanya Wilson Jones, Tournament Director Sandy McDaniel, Secretary Treasurer, Rozella Amerson Campbell


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